Alston, William M.

William M. Alston, Captain, USAF (Fallen)
January 12, 1967 – October 06, 1994

HH-60G #91-26404
Joch Weon, Korea
06 October 1994

An USAF HH-60G “Pave Hawk” #91-26404, TDY to Korea from the 33rd RQS at Kadena AB with the call sign “Jolly 04” crashed at Joch Weon, Korea. All of the aircrew members, Capt. Edward Karlson (P), Capt. William Alston (CP), Sr. Amn. Frank Zurawski (FE), Sr. Amn. Richard Setaro (PJ) and Sr. Amn. Jason Kutscher (PJ) were killed in the crash.
The “Jolly 04” crew were TDY to Korea to provide search and rescue alert coverage for USAF fighter aircraft assigned to bases in the Republic of Korea. The flight profile on the night of the accident was a training night vision goggle (NVG) flight. “Jolly 04” flew into high tension wires and subsequently crashed. It is believed that all of the crew members died on impact.


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