Anderson, Gregory L. (KIA)

Gregory L. Anderson, SSgt. USAF (KIA)

August 27, 1947 – January 28, 1970

1970 – January 28; HH-53B #66-14434 (Call sign “Jolly Green 71”) from the 40th ARRS, crewed by Maj. Holly Gene Bell (P), Capt. Leonard Charles Leeser (CP), SSgt. William Charles Shinn (FE), SMSgt. William David Pruett (PJ), MSgt. William Carl Sutton (PJ) and SSgt. Gregory Lee Anderson (AP) was lost in NVN on a SAR mission for F-105G pilot, Capt. Richard J. Mallon (KIA) and EWO, Capt. Robert J. Panek (KIA), when the helicopter was hit by a air-to-air missile fired by a MiG-21 piloted by Lt. Vu Ngoc Dinh. The entire HH-53B crew was lost in this shoot down. This was the first HH-53B to be lost in air-to-air action.

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