Barrett, Lawrence A.

Lawrence A. Barrett, Colonel, USAF (Retired)
October 31, 1926 – June 06, 2009

Colonel, U. S. Air Force, Retired
Veteran of Korea, Viet Nam & Cold War

Staff Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps
Veteran of World War 2, Philippines, China & Cold war

BORN: Milford, Massachusetts – 1926.
PARENTS: Arthur M. & Adelaide B. Barrett.
SIBLINGS: One older sister & two younger brothers.
GREW UP IN: Hopedale, Massachusetts.
MARRIED TO: Eleanor L. Barrett.
CHILDREN: Two sons & two daughters [Seven grandchildren, (two boys & two girls)].

Flying, Boy Scouts & photography (Joined the local camera & photography club).

K-12 Hopedale, Massachusetts;
U. S. Naval Photo School, Pensacola,
Florida; School of Modern Photography, New York City, New York;
Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D. C.;
Regents College, Albany, New York;
University of Redlands, Redlands, California.

MILITARY SERVICE: U. S. Marine Corps Active Duty, 1943-1946; Enlisted Man & Non-
Commissioned Officer (Staff Sergeant); aerial gunner; aerial, ground & motion picture photographer; & combat cameraman. Combat Aircrewman, Marine Air Group 32, South Pacific & the Philippines -25 Combat Missions, 1945. Tsingtao, North China, 1945-1946.
Discharged from USMC Active Duty, 30 May 1946. Enlisted USMC Reserve- Ready Reserve (Staff Sergeant) for four years, 29 August 1946-28 August 1950.  U. S. Air Force Active Duty, 1949-1958; Aviation Cadet (Pilot Training, T-6 & B-25). Tactical Assault Pilot, 1950-1951, [(C -45, C-47, C-82, C-122, & C-123, and helicopters (H-13, H-23, H-5 )] Helicopter pilot, 1952-1953, Korea, 63 Combat Missions, Special Warfare (Air Commando, Adverse Weather & Night Missions), Air Rescue back-up (Six Combat Pilot Saves behind enemy lines – both day & night.

Tactical Assault Helicopter Pilot, 1953-1955.
US Air Force Recruiting Officer, 1955-1958; Rhode Island & southeastern Massachusetts.
Qualified in jet airplane (T-33), flew tactical missions with R.I. Air National Guard (C-45, SA-16, H-13; and EC-121 at Otis AFB, Massachusetts. This was a very trying time for both my family and me since keeping up my flying hours as well as my recruiting duties kept away from home seven days and nights a week. Left active duty for a flying job in the aviation industry.

CIVILIAN JOBS: Kaman Aircraft Corporation (Helicopter manufacturing company) 1958-
Production Test Pilot; Service Operations Pilot Representative;
Chief of Customer Training Branch (Flight Instructor & Classroom Instructor);
Operation Research Engineer; and Manager, Branch Office, Orlando, Florida.
Flew US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Air Force helicopters.
As an Air Force Ready Reserve Pilot, flew C-119, C-47, T-29 airplanes based in both Connecticut and Florida.
Sikorsky Aircraft Division, United Aircraft Corporation, 1963-1969.
Assistant Branch Chief (continued flying unit USAF helicopters and as a Ready Reserve Officer flew USAF C-119, C-47 and T29 airplanes while a fixed wing operations staff officer at a numbered Air Force level in Florida and Illinois. Volunteered to return to active duty in the US Air Force

MILITARY SERVICE: Active Duty 1969-1976. Staff officer- Headquarters, US Air Force Air Staff and Reserve Assistant in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Manpower, Reserve Forces and Education, the Pentagon, Washington. Flew C-131 and C-121 while at the Air Staff. Norton AFB, California 1976-1978. U.S. Air Force Inspection and Safety Center. Reserve Assistant to the Commander, AFISC and the Deputy Inspector General of the Air Force. Passenger in many aircraft but never assigned as a crew member to pilot any aircraft.

USAF RETIRED: Retired to the Retired Reserve, December 1978, then again aviation/aerospace industry.

CIVILIAN JOBS: 1980-1982. International Marketing Manager, Pacific Rim, Republic Division of Fairchild Industries, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. Traveled the Far East from Thailand to Japan via Indonesia, Hong Kong & Korea.

1982-1992. Senior Aerospace Science Instructor and Chairman, Aerospace Science and
Leadership Education Department at high school level.
Commandant, Aerospace Science Academic Summer School at MCAS El Toro, Santa Anna, & MCAS Tustin, California; Naval Training Center, San Diego, California; & Camp Roberts Armed Forces Training Center, California.


Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross (Two awards)
Air Medal (Five awards)
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
Good Conduct Medal
USMC Expert Rifle Badge
USMC Expert Bayonet
USMC Combat Aircrew Wings
USAF Command Pilot Wings
USAF Outstanding Aerospace Science Instructor (Two awards)
USAF/AFROTC/AFJROTC Honor School (Two awards)
USAF/AFROTC/AFJROTC Meritorious School (Two awards)

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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