Larry A. Bibbee

Crew Chief/Flight Engineer

20 April 1966 At Lackland AFB, TX. for BMT.

September 1966 At Sheppard AFB, TX. for Helicopter Mechanic Training.

September 1966 – March 1968 At Naha AB, Okinawa as a Crew Chief/Flight Engineer on H-19’s.

March 1968 – August 1972 At MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL. with Det. 14, 44th ARRS as a Crew Chief/Flight Engineer on HH-43B’s and UH-1’s.

– 1969 TDY to Thule AB, Greenland.

– March 1972 – August 1972 TDY to Hill AFB, Utah for H-53 Mechanic/Crew Chief/Flight Engineer training.

August 1972 – March 1973 At Da Nang AFB, Viet Nam, as a Mechanic/Crew Chief/Flight Engineer on HH-53’s.

March 1973 – June 1973 At NKP RTAFB, Thailand.

July 1973 – August 1973 At Forbes AFB, Kansas with the 3301st School Sq. (ATC) for office Machine Repairman Training.

August 03, 1973 Honorable Discharge.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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