Rich Blackwell

1959 – 1960 at Bartow AB, FL. for Primary Pilot Training (T-34, T-37A/B).

1960 – 1961 at Webb AFB, TX with the 3561st Pilot Tng. Sq., Basic (T-33).

1961 at Stead AFB, NV. for USAF Helicopter Pilot School (Pilot, H-19, H-21).

1961 – 1963 at Lincoln, AFB NE. with the 818th Operations Sq. (Pilot, H-19, C-47).

1963 – 1966 at Whiteman, AFB, MO. with Combat Support Group (Pilot, H-19, H-1F).

1966 – 1967 at Malmstrom, AFB, MT. with Combat Support Group (Pilot, H-1F).

1967 – 1968 at Da Nang, AB RVN with the 37th ARRS (Pilot, HH-3E Jolly Green).

1968 – 1971 at Sheppard , AFB, TX. with 3637th Flying Tng. Sq. (Pilot, TH-1F).

1971 – 1974 at Hill, AFB, UT. with 1550th Flying Tng. Sq. (Pilot, TH-1F).

1974 – 1976 at Elsworth, AFB, SD. with Det. 2, 37th ARRS (Pilot, H-1F).

1976 – 1979 at Scott, AFB, IL. with HQ ARRS (Pilot, H-1F- H1-N).

1979 – 1985 at Hill, AFB, UT. with 6514th Test Sq. (H-53).

7,707.8 Hrs of Helicopter Time.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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