Bonnell, George H. III (KIA)

George H. Bonnell III

George H. Bonnell III, 2nd Lt., USAF (KIA)

May 22, 1943 – November 12, 1966

2nd Lieutenant George H. Bonnell, III, was downed on 28 October 1966 while on a rescue mission over South Vietnam while serving with Det. 9, 38th ARRS at Pleiku AB, RVN. The HH-43 helicopter he was co-piloting was struck by automatic weapons fire while on the way to pick up wounded soldiers. He was rescued and reported as very seriously injured on 29 October 1966, with multiple fractures. He died of these injuries on 12 November 1966.

George H. Bonnell, III was born Saturday, May 22, 1943 in Ohio .

He died Saturday, November 12, 1966.

He was a veteran of the Air Force and served in Vietnam War.

George Harrison Bonnell, III

Second Lieutenant


Det., 9, 38th, Air Rescue & Recovery Squadron, at Pleiku, Air Base, Vietnam.

United States Air Force

Worthington, Ohio

May 22, 1943 to November 12, 1966

(Incident Date October 28, 1966)

GEORGE H BONNELL III is on the Wall at Panel 12E, Line 62

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