Al Brashears

Al served our country for eleven years;

1966 – 1967, served four years as a United States Marine with service in The Republic of Vietnam as Scout-Sniper with the 1st Marines.

1971 – enlisted in the USAF and attended Helicopter Mechanic Tech. School at Sheppard AFB, TX.

1971 – 1972, at Hill AFB, UT. on the UH-1N’s.

1972 – 1973, at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand as a Flight Engineer with the 40th ARRS on the HH-53C’s.

1973 – 1975, at Eglin AFB, FL. as a FE Instructor and Safety Officer with the 55th ARRS on the HH-53C’s.

During his tour with the 40th ARRS, Al was involved with the Night Rescue System (NRS) which was added to the HH-53’s to enhance night rescue capability.

Al now serves the Lord as Co-Pastor of his church in Knoxville, TN.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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