Brooks, Donald R. (KIA)

Donald Ray Brooks, Major, USAF (KIA)
September 30, 1931 – October 10, 1968

Major Brooks served 14 years in the Air Force Reserve. He served in Vietnam from January 5, 1968 until his death on October 10, 1968. His helicopter, designated HH-43B with Tail No 58-1845 and call sign Pedro 44, was assigned to Detachment 1, Phan Rang Air Base in Ninh Thuan South Vietnam, and was scrambled with the fire suppression kit to stand by for the emergency landing of a B-57. The helicopter entered a left-hand climbing turn over the airfield when it crashed and burned, killing all 5 crew members. His name is on the Vietnam War Memorial, Panel 41W – Line 38.

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