Timothy Carroll

2 Aug. 1968, basic at Lackland.

Next 15wk 3abr4130 helo. mech. course at Sheppard AFB until mid-Jan 1969.

First duty station Hickam AFB assigned to the 6593rd Test Sq. We had Navy style CH-3B’s that we launched and recovered from 2 Victory Class ships named USNS Longview and USNS Sunnyvale, tour ended Feb 71.

Transferred to 6515th OMS at Edwards AFB.

Had a short stint with UH-1F’s and UH-1N’s.

Next I went to work CH-3’s for the MARS project with current member Dave Comstock. From there I went to another hangar and started working on project Pave Low-Terrain Following Radar and Limited Night Recovery System, with a HH-53B/C conversion chopper. I don’t remember the tail # but I believe it came from SEA because the guys didn’t think it would make it so they named it “Rottsa Ruck”.

Went to Hill AFB for H-53 flight school and returned end of May 1972.

Finished tour and was discharged Feb. 1973.

Sheppard schools 15 weeks, ending Jan 1969, UH-1F 4 weeks ending Jun. 1971, H-53 6 weeks ending Sep 71, Hill AFB, flight school ending May 1972.

Ending rank E-5.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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