Helicopter Accidents

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Otis AFB, MA
2 May 1959

S/N 53-4383

The Bridgeport Post (Bridgeport, CT.)
Sun, May 3, 1959, page 77

8 Rescued As ‘Copter’ Crashes In Atlantic

FALMOUTH, Mass (AP) — Eight men were rescued yesterday after their Air Force helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean some 70 miles east of Provincetown.

None of the men was reported injured.

The men were reported en-route back to their station at Otis Air Force base, Falmouth, in two copters which dipped down and pulled them to safety.

When the craft hit the calm water, all eight men took to life rafts and awaited rescue. Another helicopter which was flying alongside the craft which fell notified Otis and immediate rescue operations were set in motion.

The helicopter had been on a flight from Otis AFB to Texas Tower 2, about 100 miles from Provincetown. Because of the great distance over water, a second helicopter was accompanying the downed craft.

The two helicopters were ferrying men and cargo from the mainland to the ocean radar stations.

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