Richard Ches.

Helicopter Flight Mechanic, Flight Engineer (HH-3 & HH-53) Flight Examiner/Instructor;

Apr. 1966 – Sep. 1968, Sembach Air Base, Germany UH-19B Mission: VIP Airlift and support of NATO and SHAPE.

Oct. 1968 – Dec. 1969, with the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota – Mission: SAC Missile support and VIP airlift on UH-1F Huey’s.

Jan. 1970 – Mar. 1970, Training – Sheppard AFB, Texas for HH-3E helicopters prior to assuming assignment to Da Nang, RVN.

Mar. 1970 – Mar. 1971, with the 37th ARRS at Da Nang AB, RVN on HH-3E & HH-53C’s.

Mar. 1971 – Apr. 1972, with the 41st ARRS at Hamilton AFB, CA on HH-53C’s.

Apr. 1972 – Sep. 1975, with the 31st ARRS at Clark AB, PI on HH-3E’s.

Sep. 1975 – Feb. 1982, with the 41st RWRWg. McClellan AFB, CA as Dual Qualified Wing Flight Engineer the HH-3E & HH-53C and PAVELOW’s.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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