Rodney Cohenour

1968 – 1969, I joined the USAF on 11 Dec. 1968 and went to basic training at Lackland AFB, TX., then to tech. school at Shepard AFB, TX.

1969 – 1970, I was then assigned to Ellington AFB, Texas with the HH-43 support for astronaut lunar landing training. While at Ellington AFB I went TDY to the pilot training base at Vance AFB, OK., on the HH-43’s.

1970 – 1971, Then back to Ellington AFB where I had orders to Tuy Hoa AB, Vietnam in March of 1970 on the HH-43’s and was there until the unit closed in October and then I was assigned to Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam on the HH-43’s.

1971 – 1972, I departed Vietnam on March 8, 1971 for an assigned at Whiteman AFB, MO. on UH-1’s, missile support, flying security police to missile sites.

1972 – I seperated from the USAF on 8 Dec. 1972 as a A43170D with the rank of E-5 with 13 months time in grade. Happy to have been put on flying status at Tuy Hoa until time of separation.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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