Patrick J. Cook

3/1987 – 1/1990, 20th SOS Hurlburt, Fld, FL. U.S.A.F. MH-53J Instructor Aerial Gunner Instructed Aerial Gunner students in tactical operations, Night Vision Goggles operations and gunnery. • Delivered excellence in human relations functions, recruiting efforts and personal counseling • Proven public speaking ability! Selected to give briefings to high-level diplomats (three U.S. Secretaries of Defense, two U.S. Secretaries of State) Joint Liaison Team where I instructed Special Operations forces of all branches in various wartime operations.

1/1990 – 3/1993, 551 CCTW Kirtland AFB, NM United States Air Force Program Manager/Course Developer/MH-53J & MH-60G/L Developed AFSOC)MH-53J and MH-60 Formal School Program from the ground up. USAF Initial Cadre MH-60G Aerial Gunner. Responsible for program management, course development, in-flight instruction and evaluation of Aerial Gunner students. • Program Manager and Course Developer for USAF Special Operations helicopter training center • Converted all formal technical school publications from Enable to MS Office suite in absolute minimum time; reduced training time resulting in significant dollar savings • Wrote technical manuals, student and instructor guides. Researched, authored, edited and published • Authored several Task Objective Documents (TOD) and Master Task Listings (MTL) utilizing the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process.

3/1993 – 3/1994, 31st SOS Osan AB, ROK United States Air Force Operations Superintendent Managed all aspects of the squadron’s enlisted force. Flight Examiner and Instructor on MH-53J helicopter.

3/1994 – 6/1995, 20th SOS Hurlburt, Fld, FL United States Air Force MH-53J Standarization/Evaluation/Instructor Aerial Gunner/Joint Special Operations Team member Instructs helicopter crewmembers in tactical operations, Night Vision Goggles operations, and gunnery on the world’s most sophisticated helicopter. Served with Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Navy SEALs on Joint Liaison Team where I instructed Special Operations forces of all branches in various wartime operations.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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