David Cutillo.

Jul. 1963 – Jan. 1964, atended basic training and helicopter school.

Jan. 1964 – May 1965, at Kirtland AFB, NM., with Det. 3, WARC as a HH-43B Flight Mechanic.

May 1965 – Sep. 1965, at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand with Det. 1, 38th ARS, PARC as a HH-43B Flight Mechanic.

Sep. 1965 – May 1966, at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand with Det. 2, 38th ARRSq  as a HH-43B Flight Mechanic.

May 1966 – Jun. 1968, at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. with Det. 17, WARRC as a HH-43 Flight Mechanic.

Jun. 1968 – Dec. 1969, at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan with the 33rd ARRS as a HH-3E Flight Engineer.

Jan. 1970 – Mar. 1970, attended H-53 school and survival schools.

Apr. 1970 – Apr. 1971, at Da Nang AB, RVN with the 37th ARRS as a HH-3E & HH-53C Flight Engineer.

Apr. 1971 – Apr. 1974, at Nellis AFB, NV. with the 57th FWS as a UH-1P Flight Mechanic.

Apr. 1974 – Apr. 1978, at Andrews AFB, MD. with the 1st Helicopter Squadron as a UH-1N and CH-3E Helicopter Mechanic.

Apr. 1978 – Nov. 1983, at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. with the 355th FW as a A-10 job control and production supervisor.

Nov. 1983 – Retired as an E-7.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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