Carlos de Mattos

Jul. 1962 – Joined the U.S. Army

1966 – Flew on UH-1’s as a flight mechanic with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Viet Nam.

1967 – at Shaw AFB, SC. I Joined the USAF as a helicopter mechanic on the H-3’s.

1969 – 1970, Served in the 40th ARRS in as a flight engineer.

1970 – 1971, At Hill AFB getting dual qualified as a flight instructor for H-3 and H-53’s.

1971 – 1974, At NKP Thailand I was with the Dusty’s/ 21SOS.

1974, At Pope AFB. SC. I was assigned to and cross trained into Flight Medicine.

1976 – 1977, I was assigned to 374th at Clark as a Helicopter flight chief and Phase dock supervisor.

1978, At Barksdale AFB, LA. I was a B-52 Supervisor.

1979 – 1981, At Clark AB. P.I. I was assigned to the 3rd TFW and ended up as Chief of Programs and Mobility then I was re-assigned to the 326th Air Division at Wheeler AFB, HI. as Chief of Programs and Mobility.

1984 – At Patrick AFB, FL. serving with the 549th Wing as Deployed Fighter Liaison for the Forward Air Control school.

1988 – Retired.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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