Larry Dreyer

U.S. Army

2yrs. 101st Airborne Inf.

1 yr. 8th Army Korea.

Ft. Rucker (Army Helicopter School H-13 & H-23).

Ft. Meade, MD AVN Co. 3rd Armored Cav. 18 mos.

Baumholder, Germany 18 mos.(Jul. 1958 – Jun. 1964).

Left the Army E-5.

Nov. 1965, entered USAF as a E-3 and went to Williams AFB ARRS HH-43 until I was assigned to the Dusty’s At Shaw AFB.

Spent slightly more than 3 yrs. at NKP.

From there I went to Patrick AFB Air Rescue for 8 months.

Reassigned to VNAF at Bien Hoa for about 5 months.

Went from there to Cam Ranh Bay With the 20th for 7 months.

Sent to DMAFB (Tucson) for drone recovery (SAC) until Nov. 1973.

Got out again.

I joined the Army Reserves in 1974 and spent 3yrs on M-60 Ft. Huachucha.

(I worked as a Letter Carrier for the P.O.)

I then joined the AF Reserve and worked in the tire and brake shop (Field Maint.) for C-5’s and C-141s.

I retired from the Reserves in 1983.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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