Kenneth Dudick

After Tech School at Sheppard AFB, Texas;

June 1964 – December 1965, Aircraft Mechanic 431X1A Piston Engine/Propeller driven (Convair T-29).

December 1965 – June 1966, MATS/MAC Enroute Support Squadron, Chateauroux, France, all MAC transports.

June 1966 – December 1967, RAF Upper Heyford, England, Crew Chief 322nd Air Division Commander, BGen. Burl W. McLaughlin’s Convair T-29D VIP aircraft.

March 1968 – Joined the California Air National Guard at Hayward, California. Assigned as Crew Chief of a Fairchild C-119 and then herded a flock of Helio U-10B/D Super Courier aircraft. All used in a special Ops role. 

1975 – In early 1975 it was announced, “The 129th SOG would be dissolved and Hayward ANGB would be closed”.  The “Goon Squad” as they became known, went back to the National Guard Bureau and got a new mission for the 129th.  It was to become the 129th ARRS.  I chose to move over to the helicopter side and become an HH-3E Crew Chief.  While we were in H-3 Tech School, (February 1975) all of the Crew Chiefs were notified that we were going to be assigned as Flight Mechanics on the H-3.  Memorial Day weekend, I headed off to Hill AFB, Utah to the 1550th to attend basic and advance flight training.  My dedicated Instructor at the 1550th was MSgt. Maurice F. Tasker.  I graduated H-3 school in June 1975.

June 1975 – Returned to Hayward ANGB, California where I remained a member of the 129th ARRS until my retirement from the Air National Guard.

June 1987 – Retired from California ANG.

Finished my career as a Senior Master Sergeant, Senior Aircrew Member with approximately 1,800 hours in the H-3.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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