Greg Etzel

1958 – 1959, Pilot training class 59G Bainbridge/Selma, 59GH at Stead.

1960 – 1961, 46th Rescue Sq., Otis AFB, MA., about 6 months, H-21 CP, then H-19 CP at sunny Keflavik, Air Forces Iceland.

1961 – 1967, 1370th Photomapping Wing, Turner AFB, Albany, GA., H-21 and CH-3C, HH-3E, AC IP FE.

1967 – 1968, Det. 5, 37th ARRS at NKP, Jolly Green HH-3E Rescue Crew Commander.

1968 – 1969, USN Test Pilot School, Patuxent River MD., H-1, SH-3A/G, CH-46, CH-53A.

1969 – 1973, 6510th Test Wing, Edwards AFB, CA., Test Pilot, UH-1F/N, CH-3C, HH-53B (Pave Low test bed).

1975 – 1975, 41st ARRS, McClellan AFB, Sacramento CA., HH-3E RCC.

1975 – 1975, Det. 14, 38th Rescue Wing, Keflavik Iceland, HH-3E RCC.

1975 – 1979 6510th Test Wing, Edwards AFB, CA., Systems Engineering Branch Chief, Dep. Dir. Flight Test Engineering Div.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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