Final Flights

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.
     -- General George S Patton, Jr.


The "Final Flight" page is for honoring and remembering those members of the Air Force helicopter family. Our friends will always be remembered as the great persons they were and for the part they played in our Air Force life.

Some may not have been a member of USAF ROTORHEADS, however they were friends of members. Had they been given the opportunity they would have been welcomed to the group.

NOTE: Those members of the Air Force helicopter family that were lost during armed conflict are honored on the "Armed Conflict" and "SEA KIA/MIA" pages of the website.

Brchfinck, Lloyd L. Jr.
Breeding, Lawrence Raymond
Breitbach, Rusty D.
Breitlow, Malte
Brewer, Roy J.
Brewer, Stanley Paul
Bridge, Jason K.
Bridges, Ronald Glenn
Briggs, Dashan J.
Brims, Richard Cullen
Briody, Michael J.
Britton, Warner A.
Brock, Ronald Earle
Brooks, Donald R. (KIA)
Brooks, Kenneth D.
Brooks, Steven Duane
Broussard, Louis A.
Brower, Ralph W. (KIA)
Brown, Bey Lew (KIA)
Brown, Chester Perkins
Brown, James Ward
Brown, John W. (KIA)
Brown, Luther J.
Brown, Royal Jr.
Brown, Timothy D.
Brown, William Denver
Brownlee, James Russell
Brunelle, Kevin M.
Bryant, Harry Winfield
Buchfinck Jr., Lloyd L.
Buchfinck, Lloyd L. Jr.
Buck, Norman C.
Buckley, Clifford James
Buhr, Thomas F. (KIA)
Buley, Peter J.
Bullington, David Thomas
Bump, Ronald Ernest
Bunker, Robert A.
Bunton, Robert A.
Burch, Brian Francis
Burchfield, Jerry Lee
Burdett, Jay David
Burke, Glen
Burke, Lawrence E.
Burkes, Edward Eugene
Burnett, Nick D.
Burnfield, Watson D.
Bush, Ralph H.
Butcher, James Thaddeus
Butchka, Richard Victor
Butea, James L. – CA
Byers, Waldon Brockwell
Byrd, William Bryan Jr.
Cahill, Thomas James Jr.
Cakebread, Kenneth William
Call, John H. III (KIA)
Calliham, Andrew J. Jr.
Cameron, James F. (KIA)
Cameron, William G.
Campbell, Charles R.
Campbell, Clarence C.
Caporicci, Louis Anthony
Caraballo, Luis
Carbine, Paul Glen
Carbonneau, Leo J.
Carlile, Homer J.
Carlo, Anthony Vincent
Carlyle, Steven Lee
Carrington, Coy Nathaniel
Carrol, Oren M. Jr.
Carrol, Oren Manfred Jr.
Carroll, Aquilla C.
Carson, Bobbie
Carter, Darrel Sr.
Carter, Ray Stafford Jr.
Cartisano, Stephen Anthony
Carver, Craig Allen
Carwile, Jacob Tidings
Casbeer, Earnest Dean
Casey, Howard E.
Cash, Alan Dale
Cash, Harry H.
Cassity, James Shelby
Castorena, John Gibert
Catlin, Frank S.
Cato, John Phillip
Cavano, Bill – AR
Cayler, Russell L.
Chambers, William A.
Chance, Donald Lee
Chancey, Terry O.
Chapman, Peter H. II (KIA)
Chase, Dennis M.
Chathams, Clyde
Cheeseman, Alan B. (KIA)
Chernan, Carl M.
Cherry, Jimmie R.
Chevallier, Travis William
Christiansen, Roger Henry
Christianson, John W. – OR
Christy, Edwin Jennings
Ciemniecki, Leonard F.
Claeys, Ron – TX
Clark, Ira G.
Clark, Owen Leroy
Clark, William Edward Jr.
Clausius, Jerold – IL
Clay, Eugene L. (KIA)
Clemons, Larry
Cleveland, Marvin Arlo
Cline, William E.
Cloar, Clyde Ross
Clouse, James J.
Clubb, Frank Irvin
Clum, Alfred
Coan, Richard H.
Cobb, Cornelius E.
Cochenour, David A.
Cochran, Theodore Sizer
Cockerill, James W. – IL
Coder, John K.
Coffee, Marlon M.
Cofield, Allan F.
Cohen, Harry
Coleman, Daniel Noah
Coleman, Edward Lee
Coleman, Edward Linley
Colgate, John Duke
Colip, Claude
Collier, Daniel J.
Conover, Laurence W.
Conrardy, Richard
Cook, Christopher K.
Cook, Darvan Ewel
Cook, Fred J. – AL
Cooke, Rutherford R.
Cooley, Harold E. Jr.
Coombs, Dennis C.
Coon, John L. (KIA)
Cooper, Gerald A. (KIA)
Cooper, Ted Carl
Copperthite, Harry S. Jr.
Corder, Wayne D.
Corson, Howard Allen Jr.
Costa, Jeffrey R.
Costello, Raymond E.
Costello, William James
Cotugno, Andrew
Courchaine, James W.
Courtney, Steven Elton
Courtney, Thomas Melvin
Couture, Don R. – WA
Couturier, Douglas William
Cowan, James E.
Cowan, Stetson R.
Cowden, Bert E.
Cox, Richard Dean
Crabb, James Wesley Sr.
Crabtree, Hugh L.
Craig Sr., Billy Joe
Crane, Forrest
Cranmer, Vernon Elmer
Crawford, Robert A.
Crawley, Michael Joseph
Crews, Carl B.
Crouch, Elmer M.
Crow, Raymond J. Jr. (KIA)
Crowe, Joseph L. Jr
Crowell, Lorenzo M.
Cruit, Jerry W.
Crupper, Jerry A.
Culver, Everett Raymond
Cummings, Lawrence C.
Cummings, Lawrence R.
Cunningham, Jason D. (KIA)
Cunningham, Joseph D.
Cunningham, William F. Jr.
Curtis, Dale Calvin
Czarnecki, Steven Charles
Czernicki, David F.
Daily, Duane T.
Dalrymple, Ronald K.
Damonte, Carlton R
Damoth, Donald R. – NV
Dander, Vern – CO
Daniels, William George
Danner, Clay Henry
daSilva, Ricardo Alfonso
Davenport, Weldon D.
David, Donald M.
Davis, Albert Jackson
Davis, Bruce Hal
Davis, Harlan H.
Davis, Hunter L. C.
Davis, John Jr.
Davis, Laurens C. Jr.
Davis, Luther E. (KIA)
Davis, Robert (Bob) W.
Davis, Warren K. (KIA)
Davison, David M. (KIA)

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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