Final Flights

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.
     -- General George S Patton, Jr.


The "Final Flight" page is for honoring and remembering those members of the Air Force helicopter family. Our friends will always be remembered as the great persons they were and for the part they played in our Air Force life.

Some may not have been a member of USAF ROTORHEADS, however they were friends of members. Had they been given the opportunity they would have been welcomed to the group.

NOTE: Those members of the Air Force helicopter family that were lost during armed conflict are honored on the "Armed Conflict" and "SEA KIA/MIA" pages of the website.

Dawson, Jeffrey A.
Day, Kelly – OH
Dean, Michael F. (KIA)
Dean, William C.
Decatur, Thomas E.
Deck, Frank R. Jr.
DeHaas, Bruce F.
Dehmlow, Robert J.
DeLay, Hardy Lee III
DeLong, Marvin Lee
Depew Jr, John Hubert
Derrick, Wendall – OK
Deviney, Alton H.
Devlin, James W. Jr.
Devlin, John J.
DeWald, Harry John Jr.
Di Figulia, Frank A. (KIA)
Dickey, Leas
Dickey, Leas Delos
Dickson, Donald
Dickson, Edward P.
Diel, Justin Raye
Diggs, Lee Roy
Dilley, Dana A. (KIA)
Dobyns, Russell Martin Sr.
Dodgen, Jimmy Lee
Doherty, Edward P.
Doherty, Thomas E.
Donald, James
Donk, Donald F.
Donohue, Frederic M.
Donovan, Jeffrey A.
Dooley, Floyd R.
Dorgan, John F. – AZ
Doss, Robert W. (KIA)
Dotter, Lamont J.
Doucett, Eugene Halsey
Dow, Jerry Lester
Dowd, Earle – UT
Dowdy Sr., Robert E.
Dowell, Thomas E.
Downing, Morgan A.
Drake, Flavious F.
Drangstveit, Erling
Drangstveit, Erling R.
Draper, Merle G. Jr.
Dreher, Richard E. (KIA)
DuChene, Edward Anthony
Duckworth, Kenneth J.
Duffman, Scott E.
Duffy, David Jr.
Duffy, James W. – UT
Duffy, Joseph Michael
Duggan, John J.
Duke, Claude A.
Dunaway, Gordon
Dunham, Norbert Dale
Dunkelberger, Alvin George
Dunn, Charles R. – NY
Dunn, Harry Patrick
Dunnigan, Dennis M.
DuPont, Charles J.
DuPont, Joseph Jr.
Duprey, Chester Amos
Durham, Floyd A.
Durso, Frank J.
Dwyer, Wayne Carver
Dye, William B. Sr. – TX
Dyer, Robert Lee
Eagan, Lance A.
Eaglin, Kenneth W.
Eaton, Fred J.
Eaton, William J.
Eccleston, Douglas Lee
Eckart, Louis R.
Eckert, William Howard
Eder, Dale W.
Edge, William C.
Edger, Alexander
Edwards, Darwin G.
Eggert, Wayne W.
Elder, Donald Ray
Eldridge, John J.
Eldridge, Norman F.
Elftmann Jr., John William
Elkins, John Merl
Ellington, Kurt H.
Ellis, Dale F.
Ellis, Everett
Ellis, William E.
Elrod, John A. II
Enderle, Clyde W. (KIA)
Engleheart, Roger
Engstrom, Michael Dale Sr.
Enis, Carl P.
Eppley, Carroll E.
Ernest, Kenneth E.
Eselgroth, Richard Martin
Essary, Billy Ray
Estrada, Carlos A. (KIA)
Evans, Jerry B.
Evans, William B.
Everest, Frank K. Jr.
Ewton, Harrison H. – FL
Fagner, J. Logan
Falk, Earl Jr.
Fallon, Richard Earl
Farley, Barry J.
Farr, Ned Waldo Jr.
Faseler, Mariian C.
Faust, Frederick C.
Fauteck, Keneth G.
Feigert, David J.
Felker, Michael Joseph
Fernandez, Joseph
Ferreira, James A.
Ferrell, Joseph B.
Ferry, Robert G.
Fetherman, Alden M.
Fette, John H.
Ficklin, Clyde R.
Field, Charles Henry Jr.
Fields, Enzor Sr.
Fields, Robert W. (KIA)
Fike, Thomas E. (KIA)
Fink, Robert A. (KIA)
Finkelman, Paul Joseph
Finley, Richard Hawerton
Fischer, Harold E. Jr.
Fischer, Udo C. J.
Fiser, John Edward
Fisher, Grady Frank
Fitzgerald, William J. “Bill”
Fitzpatrick, Richard L.
Flake, Victor Lee Jr.
Flanigan, William James
Flanigen, Edwin Gaw Sr.
Flegal, James L.
Fleming, Richard A. (KIA)
Flint, Lester J.
Flores, Michael P. (KIA)
Fogg, Henry P.
Fondren, Amer Courtney Jr.
Fonk, Frank C.
Foote, Stuart B.
Forbey, Fred Ward Sr.
Fortner, Alywyn M.
Foss, Gerald Peter
Foster, Royal E.- AZ
Fouts, Joe Cabot
Fox, Cecil Edward
Francis, Buel E.
Franklin, Robert John
Franzel, Kenneth C.
Frase, Victor C.
Freeman, Woody – FL
Freund, Richard George
Fried, Clarence D.
Fritz, Bobby R.
Fritz, Richard C.
Froehlich, Laurence E. (KIA)
Fuentez, John R. Sr.
Fuller, Lyle K.
Funk, Howard Edward
Furman, Robert Donald
Gagnon, Joseph Rolland E.
Gallagher, Francis P.
Gallagher, Greg
Gallagher, John William
Galyean, Marcus W.
Gammon, Jimmy D.
Gant, J. P. Jr.
Gant, J. P. Jr.
Gaouette, Homer Arthur III
Garcia, George Thomas
Garcia, Harry
Gardner, Jim
Gasbarri, Larry Paul
Gasparian, Richard G. – FL
Gasque, Francis Lamar
Gassaway, Ross Stanley
Gatcomb, Gerald Albert
Gates, Herbert Grant
Gates, Robert Woodrow
Gecewicz, Leo John
Gehringer, Ralph W.
Geisler, Patrick J.
Geist, Robert W.
Gent, John Bennie
Gentz, Joel C. (KIA)
George, John W. (KIA)
Geragosian, Michael D.
Gerstenberg, Robert F.
Gerwert, James B.
Gibeau, John Peter
Gibson, Ben S.
Gibson, Roger C.
Gibson, Roger Malcolm
Gilbert, John Robert
Gilk, Clair M.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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