Armand Fiola

1951 – 1954 USNR

1955 Graduated Aviation Cadet Class 55U, Vance AFB, OK, Commisioned 2/Lt and received Pilot rating

9/1955, Edward Gary AFB, TX., Helicopter Pilot Training.

01/1956 – 11/1957, 83rd Air Rescue Sqn, Spangdahlem AB, Germany.

11/1957 – 01/1958, 10th Air Base group, Chaumont AB, France.

01/1958 – 09/1964, Det 51/Det 8 EARC, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC.

09/1964, Det. 2, AARC, Laon AB, France – RAF Upper Heyford, UK.

03-04/1967, Det. 10, 38th ARS, Binh Thuy AB, SVN.

04/1967, Det. 8, 38th ARS, Cam Ranh Bay, AB, SVN.

03/1968, 1001st Helicopter Squadron, Bolling AFB, DC.

09/1968, 1st Helicopter Squadron, Andrews AFB, MD.

9/1974, Retired with rank of Lt. Colonel, Presently living in Windermere, FL.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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