Fischer, Udo C. J.

Udo C. J. Fischer, USAF

May 10, 2021

Dear friends and brothers of Udo C.J. Fischer,

Udo passed away peacefully on the evening Monday, May 10th with family by his side. In the days prior to his passing, he retained his lively personality by insisting on having a cigar, a beer and then enjoyed Mother’s day dessert – a German Black Forest Cherry Cake. He was under the care of Hospice for the last few weeks and they were amazing to ensure his comfort. I am grateful to the VA for providing a bed, and then another bed until it was comfortable for him. My sister Anneliese moved in to become caretaker for many months and she crafted home cooked meals with abundant menu selections and lots of butter.  On his last day we could tell that his time was limited. Rosalie told him that it was okay to go because his PJ buddies in heaven were all waiting to throw a big party for him and he would be surrounded by friends and family to greet him.  I read emails to my dad that had just come in from a few PJs, and then he gave a final exhale and signed out. The email messages conveyed love and high regard for him. I am grateful that is the last thing he heard before he passed on.  I wonder if his PJ buddies reached down and hoisted him out of that worn out body and lifted him up to his next life, free of pain, free of suffering, free of war, surrounded by those who made his life richer through brotherhood.

We will be having a memorial service in about a month and will send out more information as it is finalized. We hope to make it virtual so that all can observe. I will be communicating with a few key people to get the word out. We are not listing information in an obituary as we want to maintain privacy.

We ask for no flowers please and prefer that donations be made in the name of Udo C.J. Fischer to a few specific charities that will be named when we announce the memorial service.

Rather than phone calls at this time, we would absolutely love your emails, stories, photos that include Udo, and any photos of Udo’s art work you may have. We are compiling the information into a book. Please don’t hold back on the expansive details and we will take whatever you can provide. Include typical Udo quotes, stories and antics.  This information means a lot to his children because he never discussed work at home – it was his time off the job with family. You all know more than we do about his incredible life serving our country as well as his more humorous adventures. Please send information to Susanne Fischer Mitchell at 

You may forward this email to others who had a personal connection to Udo. Thank you for your support and love for my father. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
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