Howard Frazee

June 1961 – December 1961 Basic training and Aircraft Fuel Systems Technical School at Lackland AFB, Texas and Chanute AFB, IL.

December 1961 – February 1965 – 376th Field Maintenance Squadron, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio. B-47, KC-135 and KC-97 aircraft fuel system mechanic.

March 1965 – June 1965- Shepard AFB, Texas. USAF Basic Helicopter School – CH-21B and HH-19 Helicopters.

July 1965 – January 1967 – 1370th Organizational Maintenance Squadron, Turner AFB, Georgia. CH-3C Helicopter Mechanic.

February 1967 – September 1967 – 1370th Organizational Maintenance Squadron, Forbes AFB, Kansas. CH-3C Helicopter Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic.

October 1967 – October 1968 – Det. 11, 38 ARRS, Tuy Hoa AB RVN. HH-43B Helicopter Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic.

November 1968 – August 1969 – 4500 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Langley AFB Virginia. CH-21B Helicopter Crew chief.

September 1969 – August 1973 – 1st Helicopter Squadron, Andrews AFB, Maryland. CH-21B Helicopter Phase Mechanic and Flight Mechanic, CH-3C Helicopter Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic and UH-1F/N Flight Mechanic.

September 1973 – September 1976 – 6594 Test Group, Hickam AFB Hawaii, CH-3B Helicopter Crew chief, Deck Supervisor for USMS Sunnyvale and USMS Longview, Shift Supervisor for CH-3B and HH-53H Helicopters and Quality Control/Weight and Balance for HH-53H Helicopters.

October 1976 – October 1977, Det. 14, 39th ARRW, Keflavik NAS, Iceland. HH-3E Helicopter Maintenance Supervisor/Quality Control.

November 1977 – July 1980, 55th ARRS Eglin AFB, Florida. HH-53H Helicopter Maintenance Supervisor. In Mid 1979 transferred to 39th ARRW as Wing Maintenance Supervisor over HH-53H/UN-1 series helicopters and wing HC-130 aircraft.

August 1980 – July 1984, 6594th Test Group, Hickam AFB Hawaii, HH-53H Helicopter Maintenance Supervisor, Organizational Maintenance Branch Supervisor with HH-53H helicopters and JC-130B aircraft.

August 1984 – July 1987, 23rd Aircraft Generation Squadron, England AFB, LA., 74th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Maintenance Supervisor and 23rd Aircraft Generation Squadron Maintenance Supervisor. A-10 Aircraft.

July 1987 – November 1987, Vacation.

November 1987 – August 1989, Crestview Aerospace, Crestview, Florida. Assembling ARAVA aircraft for Israel.

September 1989 – May 1990, US Navy Atlantic Underwater Test Center, Bahamas, Helicopter Maintenance Supervisor. CH-3G and UH-1N Helicopters.

May 1990 – January 2004, ARINC Research Corp. MH-53 Upgrade program and various C-9, KC-135 and KC-10 Avionics Upgrade programs.

January 2004 Retired.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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