Mike Geisel

Apr. 1968, basic training, Amarillo, TX.

Jun 1968, At Sheppard AF Base, TX., for 15 Weeks Helicopter Mechanic Tech. School.

Oct. 1968 – Jan. 1968, at Forbes AFB, Kansas, with the 1370th OMS as a 43110C Helicopter Mechanic on CH-3E’s.

Jan. – Dec. 1969, at Wheelus AB, Libya with the 58th ARRS as Assistant Crew Chief on HH-3E’s 67-14715, 67-14716 and 67-14717. During my time at Wheelus the 58th carried out a number of rescues. I was part of the crew that was sent to Turkey to recover a F-100 engine from the crash site on a side of a mountain. We also were credited with over 2,500 lives saved in Tunisia 1969.

Dec. 1969 – Apr. 1972, at Woodbridge AB, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. I left Wheelus in Dec. 1969 and the 58th moved to RAF Woodbridge, England and combined with the 67th ARRS. After our move to England I was promoted to Sgt. and in Apr. 1971, I was promoted to SSgt. as a 43170C. I was Assistant Crew Chief on 67-14717. In 1971, I was part of the crew that was sent TDY to Patrick AFB, FL., to assist with the disassembly of the older HH-3E’s and the buildup of the HH-3E’s from SEA. Towards the end of 1971 the three HH-3E’s, 67-14715, 67-14716 and 67-14717, were reassigned to Keflavik NS, Iceland and I was part of the crew that assisted with the move and again in Dec. went TDY to Keflavik to assist the maintenance crew.

Apr. 1972, I was discharged and stayed in England with my English wife and children and still live within 10 miles of the old RAF Woodbridge.

I have traced the three helicopters, 67-14715 had a minor crash on a glacier in 1990 and ended up at Ft Rucker AL., unknown disposition. 67-14716 was destroyed after a hard landing in Keflavik 1980. 67-14717 left Keflavik 1990 for Pensacola, FL. and then on to Okinawa till 1993 and is now in the AMARC DMAFB AZ.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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