James Green.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to get involved with helicopters until 1970 while in Viet Nam.

While serving as a Gunner on the AC-119G at Phan Rang a request came down for volunteers for the 20th. I jumped at the chance and on 15 Aug 1970 signed in at Tuy Hoa.

Got qualified on the P model and on 30 Sep. 1970 we moved the squadron to Cam Ranh Bay.

Finished the tour there qualified as Flight Examiner for Guns and Slicks on both the P and N. 

Departed 16 May 1971 for Hill AFB and the 1550th ATTW. Was assigned to the 1550th FTS as an Instructor on the F/P/N and later the HH-1H. Moved up to Wing SEFE position before the Gun program was terminated.

As Wing Explosives Safety NCO I managed to log time on the H-3 and CH-53.

Left Hill for the AC-130 on 30 Aug 1974.

Duties with the 20th were the high point of my career.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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