Greenwood, James W.

TSgt. James William Greenwood

James William Greenwood, TSgt., USAF (KIA)
May 09, 1937 – March 19, 1970


On March 19, 1970, a U.S. Air Force helicopter UH-1F tail number 65-07944 from the 20th Special Operations Squadron (20th SOS) was the lead ship of a flight of two on a training flight in the free-fire area 8 miles southeast of Ban Me Thuot, Darlac Province (II Corps), RVN, when it was shot down by enemy ground fire. After being hit the aircraft caught fire, entered a spin and crashed. The helicopter was destroyed by in the ensuing fire. The instructor pilot, Capt. Clyde W. Enderle and the pilot, Capt. Carlos A. Estrada Jr., were both fatalities as was one gunner, TSgt. James W. Greenwood. The other gunner, A1C John N. Visnesky, sustained major injuries when he was thrown clear. He was picked up by the second aircraft of the flight and transported to the Special Forces aid station at Ban Me Thuot East. [Taken from]

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