Fred Gunn

Military History:

01/22/53 Inducted into U.S. Army. Assigned to 537th Field Artillery Bn, Ft. Carson, Colorado for basic training and to man a slot in the newly activated unit.

Completed basic training and assigned duties as field wireman/wire team chief.

Attended field wire school at Ft. Riley, Kansas and returned to the 537th to begin training my team members.

In late 53′ a requirement for aircraft mechanic in the unit resulted in my being selected and assignment to the Aviation detachment as a mechanic on the L-16. No fixed wing schools were available so I was sent to the Army Cargo Helicopter School in Ft. Sill, OK.

Returned to Ft. Carson to find the unit being transferred to Ft. Sill, OK. Primary aircraft were H-13 and H-23.

01/21/55 Released from Active Duty as a Cpl. and assigned to the Army Reserve Unit at Hot Springs, AR.

07/15/55 Re-enlisted in the USAF at San Antonio, TX. and assigned to 3586 PerMtnSq at Gary AFB, San Marcos, TX.

02/01/56 Assigned to 7625th Ops Sqdn USAFA at Lowry AFB, CO., as crew member on H-19 Tail Number 53-4420A. Also, during this time, due to the death of the crew chief, I was assigned temporary duty as crew chief on the L-19 used by the academy for glider towing.

03/07/61 Due to the loss of requirement for the H-19 I was transferred to the 3417th Cons. MtnSq on Lowry as mechanic on H-21’s. During this time I was loaned to SAC on “Project High Climber” on L-20 and Helio-Courier Aircrafts.

01/09/62 Assigned to 1001st HeliSq Bolling AFB, DC., on H-21 Aircraft as crew member/crew chief.

03/25/66 Transferred to 5041st OrglMtnSq at Elmendorf AFB, AK on H-21 Aircraft, additional duty supply coordinator for the helicopter section. 5041st later became the 21st OMS.

03/10/69 Transferred to 5th Bomb Wing (SAC) Minot AFB, ND. as helicopter technician/helicopter maintenance supervisor on UH-1 helicopter.

03/05/70 Assigned to Hamilton AFB, CA. for M-16 training.

03/10/70 Assigned 1131st SpActSq, AFAT-4 Binh Thuy AB, VN.

03/09/71 Assigned to 3750th CMS (ATC) Sheppard AFB, TX as helicopter maintenance supervisor to transfer the remaining helicopters UH-1 to Hill AFB, Utah.

08/31/71 Duties completed. Reassigned to Det. 15, 42nd ARRS (TAC) at Luke AFB, AZ. as maintenance supervisor on HH-43.

10/15/72 Assigned to Det. 2, 41st ARRS (MAC) at Anderson AFB, Guam as maintenance supervisor HH-43.

11/01/73 Assigned to Barksdale AFB, LA. for retirement out-processing.

12/01/73 RETIRED!!!!

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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