Helicopter Accidents

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Luke AFB, AZ
16 May 1961

The Yuma Daily Sun (Yuma, AZ)
Wed, May 17, 1961 page 2

German Student Pilot Killed In Crash

WICKENBURG (UPI) – A young student pilot from West Germany was killed Tuesday in the crash of his F-84 jet fighter plane 17 miles west of here.

A spokesman for Luke Air Force Base, where the victim was in training, said his name could not be released for 48 hours.

A witness said the pilot, with an instructor flying nearby, was practicing a landing approach at an abandoned glider base two miles north of the highway.

Actual landings were not made.

The witness said the plane’s tail began to drag and that the craft soon crashed and disintegrated.

A helicopter crash-landed enroute to the scene of the jet crash. The pilot, Lt. Carroll Wright, was the only one of the six copter passengers injured. The others suffered only bruises.

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