Timothy B. Hadrych

May 1976 – Nov. 1979, at Holloman AFB, NM. as a Weapons Load Crew Member/ Crew Chief on F-4D’s and F-15A/B’s.

Dec. 1979 – Dec. 1982, at RAF Lakenheath, UK., as a Weapons Load Crew Chief on F-111F’s.

Dec. 1982 – Jan. 1986, at Hurlburt Fld., FL. with the 20th SOS as a Weapons Flight Shift and Flightline Supervisor, on UH-1N’s, MH-53H’s helicopters. Weapons flights were consolidated with the 84th EMS in 1984 where in addition to working on the helicopters, I also started to work on Talons and the AC-130H., MC-130E’s and AC-130H’s and with the 20th SOS, 84th EMS as a MH-53H/J Aerial Gunner, Instructor Aerial Gunner. In January 1986 I PCA’d to the 20th SOS to begin flight training to become a gunner.

Jun. 1986 – Nov. 1991, at Hurlburt Fld., FL., with the 20th SOS as a qualified gunner.

Nov. 1991 – Aug. 1996, at Kirtland AFB, NM., with the 58th SOW as a MH-53J Aerial Gunner Flight Examiner/Program Manager.

Aug. 1996 – Aug. 1997, at Osan AB, ROK, with the 31st SOS, as Operations Superintendent, Flight Examiner Aerial Gunner.

Aug. 1997, at Kirtland AFB, NM. with the 58th SOW Weapons and Tactics as a MH-53J Instructor and Flight Examiner Aerial Gunner.

May 31st, 2000 Retired from active duty.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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