Hartwell, Anthony John

Anthony John Hartwell, USAF
21 September 1961 – 13 July 2016

Anthony John Hartwell, named for St. Anthony, son of Dolores Hartwell-Montero and L.D. Hartwell, born 21 September 1961, decided at an early age he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. When he was barely 18 and fresh out of school, he went to Loma Linda, CA to study to be a paramedic He later studied in Ellens-burg-Yakima, doing his clinicals/ internship at St. Elizabeth’s in Yakima, WA. He delivered his first baby there and felt so for the patient he came close to deciding that this was not for him. He did not quit, became a paramedic and worked all over the United States. He joined the Air Force, was sent overseas and worked as a helicopter medic stationed in the Azores.

He met and married Lydia, his love, also in the Air Force. Their much anticipated baby boy did not live. After leaving the military, he again worked as a paramedic, all the while studying to advance his profession, planning for medical school in the future. Anthony experienced much in his relatively short life. Traveled the world, meeting people, dedicating his life to helping all he was able to. He held the hands of many in their last minutes, giving comfort, giving of himself wherever and whenever it was needed. Anth was not above shedding a tear when the baby he was trying to breathe life into did not make it. I have letters, one in particular, from a grateful mother who thanked him for saving her son’s life when Anth’s aid car, on the run to another call, was stopped and commandeered, you could say. This was gang territory. Anth and his crew went to work on the gunshot boy, and the boy lived. Anthony loved animals and always had his cats and a dog. When they got old he took tender care of them and they loved him. He was in line and waiting for his service dog from back East. For a time, he lived in Alaska, going to school. One day a rabbit followed him home from the grocery store. Anth took him in, cared for him. Guess what they had for dinner? Nothing less than Alaskan halibut fresh off the boats. The rabbit devoured it. Anthony saved many lives as a road doctor, and after delivering that first baby, delivered 12 more, some in the street. He loved God, his family, all animals, all growing things, all things beautiful.

Anth left us on 13 July, 2016, to walk with the angels. He was preceded to Heaven by his father, Leslie Dow Hartwell, his Uncle Jack, Cousin Johnny, grandmothers, and other relatives. Leaves, to remember his sweet nature, his mother Dolores, stepfather and friend J.R. Montero, sister Leslie Hartwell-Belcher, brother-in-law Scott Belcher, niece Lindsay Carpenter Allen, her husband Richard Allen, Uncle Freddie. Cousins Rob and Rich, Aunts Jean and Louise, and many more relatives and friends who loved him.

When Anthony was a little boy, 2-4 years old, he loved to chat up the ladies, who referred to him, with affection, as “the ladies’ man”. When he was older, they called him “Hollywood” because of his handsome face and movie star looks. I miss my beloved son, but I know that he is somewhere in Paradise, still chatting up the ladies, and loving it.

Published in Tri-City Herald on Aug. 14, 2016

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