Hartzel, Gerald L. (KIA)

Gerald L. Hartzel, TSgt., USAF (KIA)
24 July 1935 – 20 April 1970

15 April 1970, Jolly Green 27, HH-3E Tail No 66-13280 and another Jolly Green were scrambled to rescue the survivors of a downed UH-1 near Dak Seang Camp, Kontum Province, Vietnam. JG-27 made three rescue attempts, but was brought down by ground fire. The pilot Captain Travis H Scott was killed on impact. The copilot, Major Wofford, dragged the other two crewmen from the burning aircraft. The second HH-3 evacuated the survivors of the first HH-3 but was unable to rescue personnel in the downed UH-1. The flight engineer Technical Sergeant Gerald L. Hartzel and pararescueman Staff Sergeant Luther E Davis later died from their injuries. Major Wofford was awarded the Air Force Cross, and Captain Scott was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross.

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