John Hatch

Helicopter Mechanic, Flight Engineer, Gunner, Hoist Operator, Cargo Loader and Unloader. 1972 Cut the top off CH-53 70-1625, on my first combat mission in Laos;

1963 – 1966, At Dreux AB, France as a vehicle mechanic.

1966 – 1967, At Randolph AFB ,Texas as a vehicle mechanic.

1967 – Crossed trained into the helicoptr mechanic field.

1967 – 1968, At Reese AFB, Texas as a mechanic on HH-43’s.

1968 – 1969, At Nha Trang AB, Viet Nam with the 20th SOS “Green Hornets” as a mechanic on UH-1P Gunship “64-15476”.

1969 – 1971, At George AFB, CA. with the Pedro LBR as a flight mechanic on the HH-43B/F’s.

1971 – 1972, At Hill AFB, Utah at the HH-53B/C Flight School as a student Flight Mechanic.

1972 – 1973, At NKP RTAB, Thailand with the 21st SOS as a flight mechanic/gunner on the CH-53C’s.

1973 – 1977, At George AFB, CA. with Base Flight as NCOIC of Maintenance on UH-1P’s. (We had UH-1P “64-15476”, Note: UH-1P Gunship “64-15476” is in the USAF Museum at Wright Patterson AFB, OH. The highest time UH-1P in the Air Force and a Viet Nam “Green Hornet” “WAR BIRD”)

1977 – 1980, At Bergstrom AFB, Texas with the 701st TASS as FE/NCOIC on CH-53C’s. (1 save at 10,023 feet, OGE-Hover-Stokes litter, with 3925 SHP, -7 engines)

1980 – 1982, At McClellan AFB, CA. with the 41st ARRS on HH-53’s “Operation Honey Badger”, One of the Original “Cowboys” to hit Hurlburt Field, FL. in 1980 with numerous TDY’s back and forth between McClellan AFB, CA. and Hurlburt Field, FL.

1982 – Retired, at McClellan AFB, CA.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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