Hermanson, Gary W. (KIA)

Gary W. Hermanson, Sergeant, USAF (KIA)
January 17, 1951 – January 24, 1975

On 24 Jan 1975 four men were killed when their HH-53C (tail number 70-1628) suffered a rotor head failure near Ban Nakhon, Thailand:

Crew included;

Capt. Gary C. Hall, Pilot (KIA)

Capt. Bryan A. Rye, Co-Pilot (KIA)

SSgt. James K. Hurley, Flight Engineer (KIA)

Sgt. Garry W. Hermanson, Crew Chief (KIA)

While on a check ride flight the rotor head failed near Ban Nakhon, Thailand approximately 21 miles southwest of Nakhon Phanom RTAB. [Taken from vhpa.org]

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