Helicopter Accidents

This page documents U.S. Air Force helicopter accidents. If you have any information to contribute, please contact us.

Keflavik AB, Iceland
18 Dec 1979

S/N 67-14716

An USAF HH-3E assigned to the 67th ARRS near Reykjavik, Iceland had a hard landing, crashed and was destroyed. No other details are known at this time.
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) Fri, Dec 21, 1979, page(s) 49, 88, and/or 93

From Helis.com:
Aircraft was on rescue mission north of Reykjavik from a crashed Cessna 172. On second trip to crash site the H-3 succumbed to dual compressor stall due to icing. Aircraft was total loss. No fatalities. Pilot in Command Capt. Charles K Singleton.

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