Helicopter Accidents

This page documents U.S. Air Force helicopter accidents. If you have any information to contribute, please contact us.

Osan AB, Korea
22 Oct 1973

A USAF HH-3E #67-14708, assigned to Det. 13, 41st ARRWg. at Osan AB, Korea crashed into a mountain near Osan AB while conduction a routine night training sortie. The crew was returning to Osan from Makpo, where they had been working with a submarine during the day. They were on extended downwind to accommodate landing traffic, told by tower to turn base to final, they were too low for the pattern and crashed into paradise mountain. All were killed instantly.

Killed in the crash were:
Lt. Col. Joseph Mudd (P)
2nd Lt. Larry Thorson (CP)
SSgt. Jerry Sorentino (FE)
SSgt Robert P. Koecher (PJ).

This entire crew were decorated Vietnam War combat veterans.

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