Tim Hudson

Feb. 1980 to Apr. 1982, Shaw AFB, SC., CH-3 crew chief with the 4507th CAMS.

Apr. 1982 -Apr. 1983, Osan AB, ROK, C/HH-3 Crew chief.

Apr. 1983 – Jul. 1984, Shaw AFB, SC., 38 ARRS.

Jul. 1984 -Jul. 1985, Osan AB, ROK.

Jul. 1985 – Sep. 1990, Patrick AFB, FL., Det. 15, 39 ARRW/41st ARRS crew chief.

Sep. 1990 – May 1995, Las Vegas, NV., H-60 crew chief.

Retired May 95.

Worked 13 years for Northrop Grumman as H-60 crew chief.

In Jun. 2008 started working for Boeing Helicopters assigned to experimental flight test.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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