Doug Lawson.

Served for 21 years, 5 months and 20 days.

Feb. 1948 – May 1948, at Lackland AFB, TX. for Basic Military Training.

May 1948 – Aug. 1948, at Kelly AFB, TX. as a Painter-Dope & Fabric.

Aug. 1948 – June. 1949, at Frankfurt, Germany in the Berlin Airlift as a aircraft and engine Mechanic on C-54’s.

Jul. 1949 – Jan. 1951, at Kelly AFB, TX. in aircraft and engine Maintenance on C-47’s, C-54’s and C-97’s.

Oct. 1950 – Nov. 1950, attended Rotary Wing School (only 2 in Class).

Feb. 1951 – Mar. 1952, at Goose Bay, Labrador as a Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic on the H-5’s .

Mar. 1952 – Oct. 1953, at Lowry AFB, CO. as a Flight engineer for ferrying ARS aircraft, H-19, SA-16, C-82.

Nov. 1953 – Dec. 1955, at Goose Bay, Labrador as Chief Flight Mechanic and Aircraft Inspector on H-19’s, C-47’s, SA-16’s and B-17’s.

Jan. 1956 – Jul. 1956, at Edward Gary AFB, TX. Before after and turn-a-round Maintenance Supervisor on H-19B’s, 25 aircraft.

Jul. 1956 – Aug. 1957, at Randolph AFB, TX. as Flight Test and Maintenance Supervisor for 12 H-19B’s.

Aug. 1957 – Jun. 1959, at Stead AFB, NV. as Assistant Dock Chief, all OJT and Crash Recovery on 82 H-19B’s.

Aug. 1959 – Feb. 1960, at Goose Bay, Labrador as H-21 Assistant Dock Chief Responsible for all maintenance plus tear down and shipment back to the states. Also responsible for a 657 room Airmen’s Hotel. Also Base Maintenance Supervisor.

Feb. 1960 – Feb. 1961, at Stead AFB, NV. as Maintenance Standardization Quality Control and Deficiency Analysis for H-19, H-21 and H-43’s.

Feb. 1961 – Jun. 1964, at Stead AFB, NV. as Platform Instructor and First Sergeant for the Helicopter Graduate School on H-19’s.

Jun. 1964 – Jan. 1966, at Eglin AFB, FL. Assigned to Special Warfare, CH-3 and UH-1 Maintenance Supervisor. Equipped UH-1 with 7.62 Mini guns and underwent training to deploy to Central America. Equipped, manned and deployed CH-3C’s to Vietnam.

Jan. 1966 – Dec. 1967, at NKP RTAFB, Thailand as Maintenance NCOIC on CH-3C/E’s.

Jan. 1967 – Sep. 1969, at PACAF HQ’s. as Helicopter and Special Air warfare Aircraft NCOIC.

~~Doug is staking the claim to being the RotorHead who entered the service of our country at the youngest age. He was 15 years and 45 days old when he enter the service.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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