Chris Lenahan

Dec. 1978 – May 1982, at Malmstrom AFB, MT., with Det. 5, 37th ARRS as a Helicopter Mechanic on UH-1F’s.

May 1982 – Aug. 1984, at Edwards AFB, CA., with Det. 5, 40th ARRS as a Flight Engineer on UH-1N’s. I was TDY with the 20th, first at Hurlburt for training in October 1983 (the base was pretty much deserted due to Operation Urgent Fury) and was in the Bahamas in November and December 1983 and again in January and February 1984. We were there when UH-1N 69-6654 went in killing 3 crewmembers a DEA agent (former NFL running back) and a Bahamian Strike Force Officer.

Aug. 1984 – Jan. 1987, at RAF Woodbridge, England with the 67th ARRS as a Flight Engineer/Helicopter Mechanic on HH-53C’s.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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