Martin, Walter W. (KIA)

Walter Wesley Martin, Major, USAF (KIA)
October 16, 1935 – January 17, 1969

Final mission of Major Martin

On January 17, 1969, a U.S. Air Force helicopter CH-3C (tail number 62-12582) was lost while supporting a TACAN site (tactical air navigation system for military aircraft navigation and guidance) in northern Laos. Three crew members and three passengers died in the crash. Two crew chiefs and one passenger survived and were transferred to Clark Air Base in the Philippines for hospitalization. The three lost crewmen included pilots MAJ. Walter W. Martin and CAPT. Richard A. Fleming, and crewman SSGT. Albert J. Davis. The passengers were LTC. Wayne F. Bolton, TSGT. George A. Kurtyka, and TSGT. Juan A. Maldonado. [Taken from and]

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