McMeen, Walter C.

Walter C. McMeen, Major, USAF (Retired)
July 22, 1926 – December 28, 1984

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots website

Walter C. McMeen is my Father. I have his DD-214, but it does not tell me all that you want to know. As a kid I remember him being in Vietnam around 1964-1965. I saw on your web-site that Tom Garcia has supplied to you his name, I have been in touch with him years ago but I have lost touch with him. He knew my Dad around 1960 or so. Tom could tell you some stories I am sure. Richard Coles from Colorado also knew him well. My Father was killed on December 28, 1984 in San Diego California. He was landing on a Tuna Boat that was loading Salt with a crane. The crane turned into the rotor blades while he and the pilot where hovering, getting ready to touch down. The pilot lived but Dad was killed. He is buried at the Arizona National Cemetery. If you speak to Tom Garcia let him know my e-mail…he told me years ago he was writing a book, I am sure Dad would be mentioned in it. Let me know if I can help you with anything. I will try my best to find out what-ever it is. You guys could probably find out a lot more than me and if you do please let me know. Dad held an altitude record for years in the H-43B HUSKY… I loved the way that Chopper sound! I remember back in 1960 in Phoenix I could hear that noise and I would run outside to see Dad flying over our house and getting on the loud speaker to tell Mom he would be home in a few. Life was great back then, I Miss my Dad more than words could tell, but all I can say is thanks for writing me, I think of this Man Every day of My Life.
From: Randall C McMeen

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