Jim Mecke

Flight Engineer until 2012 when we became Special Missions Aviators;

1985 – 1989, at Patrick on CH/HH-3E’s.

1989 – 1990, at Osan AB, Korea on HH-3E’s.

1990 – 2008, at Kirtland AFB, NM., England, Hurlburt Field, FL., England and Hurlburt Field, FL. on MH-53A’s/J’s/M’s.

2008 – 2011, at Hurlburt Field, FL. with the 6th SOS on UH-1N’s.

2011 – 2012, at Hurlburt Field, FL. with HQ. AFSOC working special projects.

2012 – Present, at Barksdale AFB, LA., as MAJCOM Functional Manager for UH-1N FE’s (now SMA’s) in the missile fields at F.E. Warren AFB, WY., Minot AFB, ND., Malmstrom AFB, MT.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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