Helicopter Accidents

This page documents U.S. Air Force helicopter accidents. If you have any information to contribute, please contact us.

Osan AB, Korea
6 Jun 1995

S/N #68-10932

MH-53J #68-10932 crewed by Capt. Jonathan Owens (P), Capt Carlos Halcomb (CP), SSgt Jeff Franco (FE) SrA Erik Fricsons (FE), SSgt J. P. Herman (AG) and SSgt Rick Shore (AG) and had catastrophic input drive shaft failure on the #2 engine while on short final to a helipad at the Koon-Ni Range, Korea. Ruptured fuel and oil lines caught fire, aircraft burned in LZ and was completely destroyed. The crew was able to escape the burning aircraft without injury.

No other details are available at this time.

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