Stan Nelson

Total military service 20 years and 9 mos.

Basic training January 1960.

Feb. 1960 – Jul. 1960, Basic helicopter maintenance course.

Aug. 1960 – May 1965, assigned to 1110th Balloon Activity Squadron, 1212th Balloon Activity Squadron and Det. 15 Central Air Rescue at Goodfellow AFB, Texas. Helicopter mechanic and Flight mechanic on CH-21B helicopters. Mission was to launch and recover high altitude weather balloons (air sampling) from where ever the winds aloft took them. West into far West Texas and New Mexico in the summer months and east into East Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in the winter months.

June 1965 – June 1968, assigned to Det. 9, Atlantic Air Rescue LBR unit at Moron Air Base, Spain. HH-43B Huskies. Involved in the recovery of four “H” bombs lost over southeast Spain from a B-52 after colliding with a KC-135 Tanker.

July 1968 – July 1969, assigned Det. 13, Central Air Rescue LBR unit at Perrin AFB, Texas. HH-43B Huskies.

Aug. 1969 – Dec. 1969, assigned to ARRTC at Eglin AFB, Florida. Flight Engineer training and qualification on the HH-53 helicopters. Augmented AARTC air crew staff from Oct. to Dec. 1969.

Dec. 1969 – Dec. 1970, assigned to the 40th ARRSq at Udorn, Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand. Worked in the Stand/Eval. office under Lt. Col. Phil Prince.

Jan. 1971 – Feb. 1972, assigned to the 6515th OMS at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Worked on the UH-1N weapons systems tests, Cat II systems tests on the HH-53C, HH-53C Have Lake test project (mid-air retrieval of the new larger reconnaissance drones),  and Pave Low I test project.

Feb. 1972 – Nov. 1972, assigned to 37 ARRSq at Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam.

Dec. 1972 – June 1974, assigned to Scott AFB Illinois, ARRS Headquarters office of Stand/Eval. as an HH-53 Flight Engineer air crew examiner.

Jun. 1974 – Sep. 1974, 1550th ATTW, flight engineer aircrew training and qualification on the HH-3E helicopter.

Oct. 1974 – Oct. 1975, 5040th Helicopter Squadron, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Oct. 1975 – Dec. 1976, 71st ARRSq, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, NCOIC of the helicopter flt engineer section.

Jan. 1976 – Sep. 1980, reassigned to Scott AFB Illinois, ARRS headquarters as an HH-3E and HH-53B/C flight engineer aircrew flight examiner.

Sept 1980, retired from active duty.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
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