Bernard L. Newton

Bernard entered the USAAF in July 1947 (The Old Brown Shoe Corps.) and served our country as follows;

1947 – 1948, at Okinawa.

1948 – 1949, at MacDill AFB, FL. with the ARS Sq.

1949 – 1950, at Saudi Arabia on the H-5H’s.

1950 – 1950, at Sheppard AFB, FL as an instructor at the helicopter school.

1950 – 1955, at Edward Gary AFB, San Marcos, TX in 1950 with the re-located helicopter school.

1955 – 1958, at Clark AB, PIE with the 31st ARS.

1958 – 1958, at Glasgow AFB, MT.

1958 – 1963, at Stead AFB, NV., to train pilots on the mechanical operations of the H-19’s and H-21’s.

1963 – ????, at Shaw AFB, SC.

???? – 1968, at Chanute AFB, IL. as a instructor.

1968 – Retired.

Bernard may hold the record in our RotorHeads group for joining the service at the youngest age. He turned 16 years of age on 27 August 1947 and had joined the USAAF in July 1947 at just a few weeks short of his 16th birthday.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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