Tony Nicewicz

1959 – 1963, at Otis AFB, MA. on H-21’s and CH-3B’s.

1964 – 1967, with the 2857th Test Sq., Olmstead AFB, PA on H-19’s, CH-3B’s and CH-3C’s.

1967 – 1968, with the 1042nd Test Sq., Dover AFB, DL.

1969 – 1970, with the 21st SOS at NKP, Thailand.

1970, in Topeka, KS. on the CH-3E.

1970 – 1975, with the 1st HS on H-21’s, UH-1’s and CH-3E’s.

1975, with the 40th ARRS at NKP & Korat, Thailand.

Then again with the 1st HS on the CH-3E’s & UH-1N’s after SEA tour.

Retired from active duty in 1987 with over 28 years of service.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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