Prowell, James S.

James “Steve” S. Prowell, Major USAF (Fallen)
August 05, 1948 – October 17, 1984

MH-53J #73-1647
Clark AB, PI
17 October 1984

In October 1984, MH-53 Pave Low crews and aircraft of the 20th SOS deployed to the Republic of the Philippines for Exercise “Cope Thunder 85-1”.

The deployment ended tragically during the exercise when a MH-53 Pave Low, serial number 73-1647, impacted a ridgeline in Crow Valley, near Clark AB, Philippines, during a night TF mission in a heavy rain squall, crashed and was destroyed killing its crew.

Dead in the crash were:

Major James S. Prowell
Captain Michael W. Skeen
Technical Sergeant Thomas M. Ortiz, Jr
Technical Sergeant Wayne A. Johnson
Staff Sergeant Robert G. Barker
Sergeant Max B. “Paco”Lincks, Jr.

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