Pullara, Angelo (KIA)

Angelo Pullara, Captain, USAF (KIA)
September 28, 1933 – February 16, 1967

Capt. Angelo Pullara was killed in action from an incident on 16 February 1967 while performing the duty of pilot on U.S. Air Force helicopter HH-3E tail number 64-14233. The aircraft, a 37th ARRS HH-3E, was involved in a rescue and recovery mission when it was struck by 40 rounds of small arms fire (probably AK-47). The helicopter was hit in the windshield and main rotor system. The helicopter was able to continue in flight. Capt. Pullara was mortally wounded when the aircraft was fired on. The copilot was also hit with the same round that killed Capt. Angelo. He flew the helicopter back with one arm with the help of the crew chief. [Taken from vhpa.org & vvmf.org]

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