Seaman, Richard D.

Richard D. Seaman, Sgt., USAF (Fallen)
September 20, 1952- March 17, 1976

CH-53C #68-10927
Sembach AB, Germany
17 March 1976

CH-53C #68-10927 of the 601st TASS at Sembach AB, Germany, crewed by Capt. William H. McGeorge (IP), Capt. John G. Piroutek (P), Sgt. Ronald G. Bridges (FE) and Sgt. Richard D. Seaman (FE), crashed during a routine training mission at Sembach AB, Germany killing all four crew members. The helicopter was in a hover when it rolled over and crashed inverted and it was determined the cause was a primary servo bolt breakage.
No other details are available at this time.

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