Ensley Sisk.

Military Service: Sept. 1950 – July 1954 (3-10/12).

United States Korean War Commemoration.
United Nations Service Medal.
National Defense service Medal.


Oct 1950 Lackland AFB Basic.

Nov 1950 – May 1951 Wichita Falls Student 3750th TTG (A & E Student).

May 1950 – Aug 1951 San Marcus, Student 3586th Trng. Sq. (Rotary Wing).

Aug. 1951 – Sept 1951 Mt. Home, Idaho 580th AB Gp. Worked on B-29’s.

Sept 1951 – Feb. 1952 Mt. Home Idaho 580th ARC Gp. B-29’s.

Feb. 1952 – April 1952 Mt. Home Idaho 581st ARC. B-29’s.

Feb 1952 – March 52 Was sent to Sikorsky Service School H-19 Factory
training (Bridgeport, Conn).

Shipped to Korea, 30 days playing cards aboard WW Wiegel.

1952 – 1953 K-16 in Korea Worked on SA-16’s, Bell, and finally got some

1953 – 1954 George AFB, Victorville, Calif. Worked on fixed wing aircraft.

Honorable Discharged July 1954.

1955 – 1959 Attended Kansas State University Graduated with BS in Agricultural Economics Degree.

1956 – Got Married to Karen Keefover.

1959 – 1960 First job after College was as an Asst. Grain Buyer for Abilene Flour Mills.

1960 – First Child was born, a boy.

1960 – 1972 Worked for Kansas State university as County Agricultural Agent Miami County, KS.

While in Miami County a Girl, Tami and a boy, Douglas was born.

Continued to work toward an advance degree in Arizona State University and Kansas State University graduated with a Master’s Degree in 1969.

1972 – Transferred to Saline County Extension Director in Salina, Ks.

1973 – Transferred to Northwest Kansas as Extension Community Development Specialist.

1985 – Transferred to Kansas State University as Extension Specialist in Community and Economic Development.

Retired in 1996 and now play golf, attend KSU football, and basketball games, volunteer activities and then the honey do’s.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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