Philip D. Stinson.

1969 – 1970, at Nha Trang AB and Tuy Hoa AB, RVN as a Instructor Pilot with the 20th SOS “Green Hornets” on the UH-1P Gunships.

1970 – 1971, at Sheppard AFB, TX. as a Instructor Pilot with the 3637th Flying Training Squadron on the TH-1F.

1971 – 1973, at Hill AFB, UT. as an Instructor Pilot and Academic Instructor for the 1550th Flying Training Squadron on the TH-1F and UH-1N.

1973 – 1976, at RAF Ternhill, Shropshire, UK. as a Certified Instructor Pilot (Category A2) for #1 Squadron Central Flying School (Helicopter) on the Whirlwind HAR Mk10 and Gazelle Mk3.

1976 – 1981, at Fort Rucker, AL. as an USAF Flight Examiner and U.S. Army Standardization Instructor Pilot with the 23rd Flying Training Squadron on the UH-1H.

1981 – 1983, at King Fahad Air Base (Taif), Saudi Arabia as a Flight Examiner and Chief of Standardization for the Royal Saudi Air Force on the Agusta Bell (AB-212).

1983 – 1986, at RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK as a Combat Aircraft Commander with the 67th ARRS on the HH-53E.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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